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Experiments in Making

Every Sunday in August, 4pm

The Bakery Studio, Exchange St, Jedburgh TD8 6BH

A programme of experimental dance performance, conversations and film.

Sunday 4th August:

Pioneers and Legacies

Double bill featuring the work and legacy of Anna Halprin (USA)
- Moss, An Appreciation;
- Screening of Returning Home;
Sigurd Leeder (Germany/Switzerland) - Hope Etudes.


moss and appreciation


An Appreciation

Performance and Talk

The rocks are beyond slow, beyond strong, and yet yielding to a soft green breath as powerful as a glacier.

The mosses wearing away their surfaces grain by grain bringing them slowly back to sand.

-- Robin Wall Kimmerer from Gathering Moss

Moss - an appreciation


A work-in-progress showing of new work by choreographer Audicia Lynne Morley with dancer Claire Pençak featuring photography by Alan Watson Featherstone.

The work employs creative processes developed by America's leading post-modern dance pioneer Anna Halprin and daughter Daria Halprin, including the RSVP Cycles and the Tamalpa Life/Art Process.

Date: Sunday 4th August 2019 @ 4pm
Time: 4pm
Venue: The Bakery Studio, Exchange St, Jedburgh TD8 6BH


Returning Home

Dance documentary

The performance will be followed, at 5pm, by a screening of the dance documentary - Returning Home (2003) - in which Anna Halprin, uses movement as a means of connecting the individual to nature, and art to real life.

In collaboration with performance artist Eeo Stubblefield, Halprin moves along thresholds of earth, wind, water and fire, discovering lessons in loss and liberation.

Whether surveying the charred remains of her home, or her scars from cancer and aging, Halprin finds beauty and meaning even in the destructive forces of nature. (45 min.)

This film is included in the programme ticket (£5) but it can also be attended separately (£2.50)

tamalpa institute

Hope Etudes

Performance and Talk

Dance Tim Rubidge reflects on the influence of his teacher Sigard Leeder, one of the pioneers of modern expressive dance. The Hope Etudes are a series of four linked pieces created by Tim in recent years.



Experiments in Making

A season of experimental dance performances and screenings over four Sunday afternoons in August.

The programme brings together many of Scotland’s most innovative and distinguished dance makers to perform works that push at the edges of contemporary dance.

The thread running through the programme is an exploration of different ways of making, performing and presenting including movement scores, collaborative working and improvisational structures.

Several of the performances include live music and audiences are invited to stay for post- performance conversations over tea and coffee, which opens the work up for discussion.

Artists include Tim Rubidge, Audicia Lynne Morley, In the Making, air field collective, Merav Israel and Dudendance.

You can see more about the studio and the full programme on the Bakery Studio's Facebook page