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Please note that this course has been postponed until further notice

Yew Tree Mysteries

The Yew Mysteries

with Michael Dunning

This course has been postponed until further notice.

Further Information

Due to the nature of Michael's training, workshops must be attended in sequence; if you have not completed Level 2 its not possible to register for Level 3.

You may also repeat a training at a very reduced rate if you have previously attended.

Yew Mysteries One - The Sacred Yew - Tree of Eternity

  • Introduction to the Sacred Yew Tree.
  • Yew Mysteries study - Origin & Meaning of the Yew Mysteries
  • Yew Mysteries praxis – Entering the consciousness realm of the ancient Yew
  • Ritual & individual work with local yews – Encountering the uncanny nature & healing potential of the Yew

Yew Mysteries Two - Essence of the Five Trees

  • The Yew Mysteries & the Otherworld (Annwn)
  • Yew Mysteries study - The Wisdom of the Yew in the Myth & Legend of the Tuatha de Dannan
  • Yew Mysteries praxis - Communicate and work with the elemental forces & beings of the Yew
  • Ritual and individual work with local yews - The Otherworld of the Yew Mysteries

Yew Mysteries Three - The Shining Ones

  • The Yew Mysteries & the Ancestors
  • Yew Mysteries study – The History, Meaning & Purpose of the Shining Ones of Yew
  • Yew Mysteries praxis – Embodying the otherworldly & ancestral consciousness - stream of the Shining Ones of Yew
  • Ritual and individual work with local yews – Embodiment of the Yew Mysteries


Michael Dunning.

Michael Dunning

For the last 20 years Michael has been developing an approach to craniosacral work that combines biodynamic principles with an ancient western, and largely forgotten mystery knowledge that he refers to as the Yew Mysteries.

Michael now lives in USA where he has been teaching both biodynamic cransiosacral and the Yew Mysteries since 2003. He has written about his experieces with the yew tree in the book Soul Companions and has contributed articles to various shamanic publications including Sacred Hoop and the Journal for Contemporary Shamanism. Michael is also a regular guest on spirituality and health themed radio shows through the USA.

Further Information

The Yew Mysteries were centered on the Yew tree (Taxus Baccatta) as the original Tree of Life. Many scholars now believe that the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil was a yew and not an Ash, as had previously been assumed.

An Ash tree is neither evergreen nor long- lived. A Yew on the other hand is most certainly evergreen and can live for several thousands of years, if not eternally!

The oldest known word for the yew, Eya ( Hittite 1750BCE) means ‘eternity’ or ‘to be touched by eternity’. In the 15th century Irish Book of Lismore the age of the earth is linked to the Yew tree:

-- Three lifetimes of the yew for the world from its beginning to its end.

The Yew Mysteries Training begins with an introductory one - day workshop called
Yew Mysteries One - Yewshamanism

Introductory workshops are currently being offered in Abergavenny Wales, and in Ormiston, Scotland as well as in Seattle WA, USA. Upon completion of Yew Mysteries One students are eligible to participate in Yew Mysteries Two through Five at any training location.

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