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Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, this workshop has been postponed.

Sacred Dance Image © Findhorn Sacred Dance

Sacred Dance - Seasonal Tonic

Dances to put a smile in your heart and a spring in your step

A day of circle dances with Findhorn Sacred Dance teachers Katharina Kroeber and Brant Bambery.

Joining hands around the circle to dance is an age-old practice that brings us present to ourselves, our community in the circle, and to the life force flowing between earth and sky and through each one of us. In this spring workshop we will focus on the sap rising as the days lengthen, the earth warms and plants begin to grow: being in rhythm with the world around us is an important aspect of the dance.

We connect to our own hearts and minds, to all the cells in our body, and hold all we find there in acceptance, offering who we are to the circle and to whatever is sacred to us – this is what makes our dance a prayer. The circle welcomes all thoughts, emotions, aches and pains, and invites us to process them in the dance, letting in the light, laughter and renewal of spring.

The dances for the day come from European circle dance traditions, modern choreogaphies, and the Findhorn Sacred Dance tradition. They are suitable for all levels of ability and experience.

Date: To be confirmed

Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Cost: £30

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audicia lynne morley

Katharina Kroeber CBP

has been part of the Findhorn Sacred Dance faculty for over 20 years, teaching open Sacred Dance nights, the ongoing Findhorn Sacred Dance group, and workshops on the themes of community and of inner exploration through the experience of the dancing circle.

She is a certified practitioner of The BodyTalk System and has studied with the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. In recent years her interest has been the way in which trauma and beliefs are held in the body, and how dancing together in the circle acts as an age-old healing tool to activate body intelligence and rebalance our body and mind. Visit Katharina on

Brant Bambery

is a Scottish CPD certified Sacred Dance teacher raised in Edinburgh and moved to the Findhorn Community in 2015 in order to train with experienced dance teachers.

He comes with a background in theatre arts, with experience in both Edinburgh Festival productions and travelling musical theatre. Brant is a regular dance teacher on Wednesday open nights in the Findhorn community, and believes that community dancing should be available to everyone. Working with a series of five principles of surrendering into dance, he would like to share the deep sense of peace and meditation that traditional and choreographed circle dances provide.

Visit Brant’s website :

audicia lynne morley