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Centre for the Development of Movement, Health and the Arts in East Lothian

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Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, this workshop will be held on ZOOM

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State Theta Galleries and Medicine Dance Present

Elemental - Restoring Essential Nature

A program of 10 movement workshops and 'Deepening The Enquiry' sessions spread over 7 months following the path of the Elements and their essential influence on our moving, breathing and being bodies. Consisting of five 3-hour main thematic sessions and five 2-hour 'Deepening The Enquiry' sessions.

Movement inspired workshops with Fred and Colleen Sugerman USA and Audicia Lynne Morley.

Our inner life is complete when it merges into nature and becomes one with it.”
- D.T. Suzuki

Calling in the essential components of
WATER, AIR, EARTH and FIRE, explored through the the Medicine Dance practice.

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Spontaneous improvised moving and feeling our body(s), inspired and supported by music, respectful worded guidance, breath, ground, sound and silence including mindful touch and contact, always optional and based on each participant's sense of safety and comfort. And remembering our conceptual framework that Self is our most significant partner.

audicia lynne morley

5 Main Sessions. 3 hours per session

5 Enquiry Sessions. 2 hours per session

Each main movement session - facilitated by Fred - will have 1 associated enquiry session as an opportunity to deepen into the associated elemental, thematic material offered that month. The enquiry sessions are an opportunity to connect, clarify, question, deepen and resource as a community, co-facilitated by Fred, Colleen and Audicia.


  • Main Session 1: 26th July 2020
    • Enquiry Session: 7th August 2020
  • Main Session 2: 23rd August 2020
    • Enquiry Session: 18th September 2020
  • Main Session 3: 25th October 2020
    • Enquiry Session: 6th November 2020
  • Main Session 4: 29th November 2020
    • Enquiry Session: 18th December 2020
  • Main Session 5: 24th January 2021
    • Enquiry Session: 19th February 2021

Main Session Times:

  • 16.00pm - 19.00pm (GMT)

Enquiry Session Times:

  • 17.00pm - 19.00pm (GMT)


  • Full Programme. Five 3-hour sessions + Five 2-hour practice sessions
    • £375 / £250-£300 (conc/covid 19 - sliding scale)
  • Half Programme. Five 3-hour sessions
    • £265 / £150-£200 (conc/covid 19 - sliding scale)
  • Drop in for a 3-hour main session is £60.
  • Drop in for a main session (3 hours) and practice session (2 hours) combined is £80.
  • Drop in rate for Practice session ( must be taken along side a main session) £30-£ 40.

These classes will be offered on ZOOM.

For more details on ZOOM go here.

Bookings and further information

"I consider the elements of nature to be curative forces in and of their own right. Nature is the master teacher and healer when we are open and available to be in active dialogue with what is offered..."
- Jamie McHugh

Payment plans are available, please contact Audicia to clarify.

audicia lynne morley


Come prepared with all sustenance, nibbles and lunch you need for the day and if you would like to bring a food offering to share you are most welcome.
Staying hydrated is very important so please bring your own water bottle and non drip flask mug if you want to have liquids in the studio space.

What to bring:

State Theta Galleries is a no-shoe environment. Please dress accordingly for movement and stillness.
Blankets and cushions will be provided. You may wish to bring a journal and pen.

You can contact Audicia for further information about bookings and State Theta Galleries


Visit the Medicine Dance website or facebook page.


Fred Sugerman: is a movement artist, educator, facilitator and professional actor. He is Founder and Director of Medicine Dance, a collection of mindful movement forums that support the accessing and managing of personal power. His passion lies in the space between the healing arts and the channels of expression welcomed in the performing arts.

Colleen Sugerman: life and creative partner with Fred in Medicine Dance, is an outdoors woman and movement artist, as well as a facilitator of the movement work. Certified in Movement Expression and Dance Alive®, she also works with private clients who are experiencing change and transition, and desiring support in identifying and manifesting their next steps. She calls herself “Midwife of Change.”

Audicia Lynne Morley: RSME/T Fully qualified and registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator with over 30 years experience in the field of the performing arts and health. A life long passion for learning and body orientated research have guided her studies that bridge both Eastern and Western approaches to Body-Mind-Spirit consciousness. She is co director of Tamalpa UK Movement based expressive Arts and creative director of State Theta Galleries.