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T'ai-Chi Chuan

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Translated as Supreme Ultimate Way or "Boxing".
T'ai-Chi Chuan is the ancient Chinese martial art for health and self defence. It's origins go back over three thousand years and are deeply rooted in the philosophy of change(I Ching) and the dynamic relationship of yin and yang.

Why study T'ai-Chi Chuan?

The main objective is to promote well being, health and a long life by rejuvenating the body and harmonizing the mind. T'ai-Chi Chuan is a slow, graceful and beautiful movement form. Each individual posture or movement within the form is carefully taught to unify, integrate and develop the mind, body and Qi energy (our vital life force).

If practised regularly it can bring about many benefits on a mental, physical and energetic level.
To gain the most benefit one should try and maintain a regular practice in a relaxed manner. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and do not eat a heavy meal directly before or after a session.

Main Benefits

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