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Movement Shiatsu

Movement Shiatsu

Movement Shiatsu is a hands- on bodywork practice that utilises different elements or qualities of touch/contact, dialogue/feedback and exercises.

The work engages both the client and the practitioner in a pro-active approach which focuses on the development of a fully embodied self.

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Further Information

During a session the client receives touch but may also explore a range of guided exercises and breathing that help develop awareness and integration.

This approach offers the possibility for a re-education of patterns and habits that prohibit health, to enable more choice, direction, support and wholeness.

The background to the work is multi-modal, drawing on a lineage of both Eastern and Western Body Mind practices such as Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Massage, Shiatsu, Buddhism, Experiential Anatomy and Psychotherapy.

Movement Shiatsu was developed by Bill Palmer as a method for dealing with difficult chronic conditions through Shiatsu.

In a typical session, normal Shiatsu is alternated with exercises and experiments which help the client to feel their own strengths and weaknesses and to sense directly the effect that the Shiatsu is having on them.

This facilitates a more interactive style of work than is normal in Shiatsu and we place much importance on the client learning and providing feedback.

We take care to make sure the client understands the reason for the bodywork by being able to sense the reason for it (for instance, feeling a disconnection in the body) and the effect (by feeling how those parts of the body now feel connected).

This allows the client to carry the work of the Shiatsu session consciously into their lives, experimenting with how to move differently and respond creatively to situations which, beforehand, they reacted to habitually.

This helps the nervous system to re-pattern even very deeply ingrained habits and unlocks the healing of chronic conditions.

All courses count towards Shiatsu Society Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours.

Personal Statement

For me working with a client is a process; engaging deep listening with respect.

Offering an openness to the discovery to the wisdom of what the body holds rather than offering a fixed formulae or technique to address or get ride of a specific symptom. Saying that sometimes a fixed formula may be utilised to support direct contact and engagement with what me be arising for a client.

This work helps one identify and become more aware of the rich dynamic of the Self on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and physic.

Movement Shiatsu's broad base of reference offers a mature and inclusive approach that allows for a flexible meeting of the rich diversity of people and life experience that I meet.

Audicia Lynne Morley


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