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Experiential Anatomy

Experiential Anatomy and Movement Shiatsu & the Six Forms of Touch.

Experiential Anatomy focuses on different aspects of our skeletal structure and, through detailed anatomical exploration, touch and exercises, you will develop an embodied awareness of the intrinsic anatomy of an area to positively affect your use, functioning and mobility.

This work can greatly affect your daily life in supporting more ease and awareness in movement or can enhance and support a specific movement practice be it walking, mountain climbing, golf, swimming, yoga, pilates, 5 rhythms etc...

experiental anatomy

Experiential Anatomy is an embodied study and appreciation of the inner make up of our body and structure. The work offers a new way of exploring and understanding ones own anatomy that is rich and exciting.

Experiential Anatomy is evolving as an embodied approach to Anatomy developed by dancers and movement specialists such as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Mabel Todd.

Movement Shiatsu and The Six Forms of Touch is a hands-on bodywork practice that uses different elements or qualities of touch/contact, dialogue/feedback and exercises. The work engages both the client and the practitioner in a pro-active approach which focuses on the development of a fully embodied self.

Movement Shiatsu and The Six Forms of Touch was developed by Bill Palmer as a method for dealing with difficult chronic conditions through Shiatsu.

Practitioner Audicia Lynne Morley has studied with both Bill Palmer and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and in early dance years was greatly influenced by the work of Mabel Todd.